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【FREE bus tour】 Visit and Experience JOBS that save lives【Oct 06,2017up】

※Other languages available.【やさしい日本語(Easy Japanese)】・【日本語(Japanese)


On November 23rd (Thu/Holiday), there would be a FREE bus tour named “Visit and Experience JOBS that save lives.”


We will visit the Hiroshima Disaster Prevention Air Corps!!
At the time of natural disaster, these people will come to save us from the air by using the disaster prevention helicopter.
We will learn the jobs of Air Corps and take a tour around the facility.
You will also have a chance to see and ride-on the disaster prevention helicopter and take pictures!


Foreign and Japanese residents living in Higashihiroshima will take the tour together.
We hope this tour gives you an opportunity to get to know other residents living in Higashihiroshima city and to think about disaster prevention together♪





Look for details below.
To join, reservations must be made in advance via call or E-mail.
We are looking forward to seeing you!




※Schedule may change due to traffic conditions and in case of natural disaster or emergency.


9:30  Leave Hiroshima International Plaza
9:40  Hiroshima University IDEC
10:00  Saijo station
11:10  Visit Chuo Shinrin Park
     ・Disaster Prevention game in a group with Japanese participants
     ・Experience emergency food
     ・Lunch(Please bring your own lunch and drinks)
1:00  Visit Hiroshima Disaster Prevention Air Corps
     ・See the disaster prevention helicopter
     ・Learn about the jobs of Air Corps etc.
3:00  Leave Hiroshima Disaster Prevention Air Corps
3:30  Saijo station
3:50  Hiroshima University IDEC
4:00  Hiroshima International Plaza 


 ※Reservations must be made in advance
 ※Please bring your own lunch


【DUE DATE】Monday, November 13th


【CONTACT】Hiroshima International Center
 SHIBA (Ms.)
※When e-mailing,
     ①write ”November 23rd tour” in the subject line
     ②replace the ★ mark with @




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