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GRP Application Details for a long-term stay at Hiroshima International Plaza【Jun 30,2022up】

Hiroshima International Plaza’s “Global Relations Program”
(Global Skills Development Course)


This program is geared towards providing an environment where international students can acquire the “practical skills” they need to play an active roll in the global community while living at the Plaza and going to school.
After moving in,
・Japanese teachers will be available to advise your Japanese study.
・You can participate in the Japanese cultural experiences held in the Plaza.
・You will be able to get valuable experience by taking part in voluntary activities and helping out with events.


★Rental Period:
One year in principle (although we may allow a second)
Daily rent 800yen administrative costs 2,550yen/month
(Total cost per month: 24,950yen~27,350yen) *utilities are included
★For a single person: 17m2 Space
★About the Facilities:
* Each room comes with an air conditioner, bathroom, television, refrigerator, house phone, bed, desk, chair, bookshelf, closet, desk lamp, futon, curtain, shoebox
* Wi-Fi is available.
* Shared use: hot water dispenser, ice machine, laundry machine, microwave, ironing board, refrigerator, freezer, cookware
* Other than an event or rental date, the cooking room can be used daily.


ⅰ: international students who are in universities in Hiroshima Prefecture -2 Single person rooms
ⅱ: overseas students who will move to Hiroshima and enroll in universities in Hiroshima Prefecture -2 Single person rooms


【Application Period】
ⅰ: Until July 29th, 2022
ⅱ: Until September 9th, 2022

*Please note that university may set application deadlines earlier than the above.


【How to Apply】
Please submit the application form to the International Students Service Division at your school.


【Facility Tour & Briefing】
Weekdays(by appointment only)
Contact:Hiroshima International Center <Training Department>
TEL 082-421-5900 E-mail
“Global Relations Program”poster autumn 2022
Application Form Click”Application Form(G)[1)” “Application Form(F)[2]
Letter of Recommendation “Letter of Recommendation

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