International Interaction Events

Various HIP Events

The HIP holds a wide variety of events, which are roughly divided into those open to anyone and those arranged for foreign people.
Most of the events open to anyone are designed to promote interaction with trainees and international students from foreign countries, providing casual opportunities for international exchange. Please do not hesitate to participate in these events!
Meanwhile, events arranged for foreign people strive to offer opportunities for foreign residents not only to know more about Japan and Hiroshima, but also to enjoy interacting with other residents, in order to create an even more comfortable environment where everyone can live with peace of mind. If there are foreign people around you, please tell them about these events!The HIP holds many other events in addition to those explained above!
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Sports day


Rice-cake pounding at a tondo fire
festival; Yo-ho! Yo-ho!

Events Open to Anyone

Events in the Lobby, Mini Concerts and the lobby event

Thanks to cooperation from local residents, we hold events and exhibitions to ensure that trainees from foreign countries can feel more close to Japan.
These events are open to anyone. Please invite your friends and come to the venue.

Let’s Sing, Dance, and Enjoy Various Experiences Together with Trainee

  • Events in the Lobby: Performances of Japanese drumming, Japanese folk songs, and tamasudare, demonstration of old Japanese martial arts, etc.
  • Mini Concerts: Performances of jazz, traditional Japanese music, and singing while playing piano
  • Exhibitions in the Lobby: Flower arrangements, photographs, origami works, patchwork of old cloth materials, etc.




Mini Concerts


patchwork of old cloth materials

World Cooking Classes

Try World Cooking! Make Friends with Food Lovers!

Inviting a foreign person as a lecturer each time, this event provides an opportunity for participants to try cooking dishes from the lecturer’s country. Thanks to the assistance of interpretation/translation supporters, even if you are worried about the language barrier, you need not hesitate about participating.
Some past participants commented “My children like the dishes that I learned at the event” or “Whenever I have guests, I cook the dishes that I learned at the event!” After eating dishes that you have cooked together with other participants in a cheerful atmosphere, you can listen to interesting comments from the lecturer, which is one of the reasons why the event is popular.


Cooking Sri Lankan dishes


Cooking Lesotho dishes

Disaster Prevention Day―Let’s Consider Preparations Together with Foreign Residents.

To Support Each Other

Are you fully prepared for disasters such as earthquakes, fires, typhoons, flooding, and tsunamis?
There is no knowing when and what kind of disaster will occur. When one does, you might be helped by foreign people in your neighborhood.
Why not discuss together local efforts to prevent disaster damage? At this event, an English translation service is available.


Want to know how to use a fire extinguisher?


Making a stretcher
with a blanket


I didn’t know that a newspaper is useful for first-aid!

Events for Foreign People

Higashi-Hiroshima Bus Tours for Foreign Residents

Aiming to Ensure that People Say “I Love This City!”

How much do foreign residents in your neighborhood know about your community?
The HIP holds bus tours to enable foreign people to learn more about the excellence of Higashi-Hiroshima City. Previous bus tour programs include participation in local festivals, outings to local popular destinations, visits to the Kamo Environmental Center to learn about how to separate trash, and traffic safety seminars given by police officers.

Each of these programs has been well received by participants, some of whom commented “This event taught me how excellent Higashi-Hiroshima City is!” or “Thanks to this event, my feeling of affinity with this city has further increased.”
The bus tour project aims to provide opportunities for participants to understand the mechanism of Japanese society and interact with local residents, thereby helping everyone to live safely and comfortably.
*This is a model project in cooperation with Higashi-Hiroshima City.


Gion Festival of Akitsu


Self-made ice cream tastes good!


Learning about traffic rules!

Participation in Local Events

Small Events? No Way! They All Represent Important Aspects of Japanese Culture!

While staying at the HIP, trainees from foreign countries participate in a wide variety of local events, depending on the season, such as:

  • Sports festival at an elementary school
  • Bon Dance Festival
  • SAKE Festival
  • Tondo fire festival

From local events that you may regard as being ordinary, you will surely discover a wide variety of new aspects of Japanese culture, such as traditional living customs still observed today!
Why not enjoy various aspects of Japanese culture together with local residents?


Participating in a sports
festival at an elementary school!


Terrific! At Saijo sake


Bon Dance Festival
dance for the first time!

Regarding Events and Inclement Weather

If even one warning or emergency warning (for heavy rain/flooding/a storm etc.) is announced 3 hours prior to an event at its scheduled location, as a general rule, said event will be canceled.
There are other circumstances when events will be canceled due to inclement weather, so for more information, please contact the Hiroshima International Center. (TEL.082-421-5900)

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