Basic Information Security Policy

Basic Information Security Policy

The Training Department of the Hiroshima International Center (hereinafter referred to as the “Training Department”) conducts learning activities for foreign nationals such as mastering Japanese skills and knowledge, studying Japanese and Japanese culture, as well as conducting activities that facilitate exchange with local residents to promote extensive international exchange and cooperation. Through these activities, we are entrusted with various kinds of information such as peoples’ personal details.

To build strong relationships of trust with all people connected with the Center and to provide a better service, the Training Department sees such information as important property and believes that it is socially responsible to take the appropriate safety measures to securely protect against all threats to such information.
Fully understanding the importance of information security, the Training Department will make working improvements in line with information security management system (ISMS) requirements, and strive to prevent information-related incidents and continuously improve information security functions.

  1. The Training Department shall determine its role and responsibility in relation to information security and establish a system to systematically manage that. It shall also create internal rules and formulate concrete policy concerning handling all kinds of information property, and develop initiatives throughout the entire organization.
  2. To appropriately maintain information security, the Training Department shall determine risk assessment methods and analyze and evaluate the importance and risk of all types of information property from perspectives of confidentiality, integrity and availability. It shall then determine objectives and goals, and take the appropriate measures.
  3. The Training Department shall strive to secure human security by actively providing executives and staff with education and training which raises awareness of information security and internal rules.
  4. The Training Department shall comply with information security laws and regulations as well as matters that must be observed contractually.
  5. The Training Department shall endeavor to prevent the occurrence of incidents and troubles relating to information security. It shall also promptly investigate the cause of any information security problems that may arise and take the appropriate measures to minimize damages.
  6. The Training Department shall periodically check that basic policy and internal rules relating to information security are being executed and conduct a comprehensive evaluation in a management review. It shall also strive to continuously conduct reviews and make improvements.

Established on 1st December, 2016
Toshinori Shippou, Standing Director
Training Department, Hiroshima International Center

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