Japanese Cultural Experience Programs

What is unique about the HIC’s training programs?

  • Can create a program based upon participants’ wishes (contents, duration etc.)
  • Detailed instruction from Japanese instructors with a wealth of teaching experience.
  • Offer a program only possible in Japan such as experiences traditional Japanese culture, talking with Japanese partners, visiting Japanese schools etc.
・School Visit
・Interaction with Japanese students
・Peace study
・Japanese cultural experiences
(flower arrangement, tea ceremony, yukata wearing ,calligraphy, orizuru art ,Japanese paper doll,Tenugui(hand towels), cooking Japanese dishes, etc.)

Youth Program

Target groups:
Foreign elementary school (higher grade), middle school and high school students
Targeted at youth who come to Hiroshima for educational travel. Includes Japanese lessons, Japanese cultural experiences, field trips about Japanese history and farming, and opportunities to exchange with local people and students.

College Students&General Participants Program

Target group:
Foreign college students, foreign educators, general participants etc.
1week - 2 months
We provide programs for people studying Japanese or Japanese culture abroad, such as a hands-on Japanese language training, and training for non-native Japanese teachers (Japanese/Japanese culture/Class improvement). A Japanese cultural experience and exchange program is also offered for college students and general participants.

Business program

Target group:
Foreign trainees accepted by Japanese companies
1week to 6 months
This program is for foreign trainees who can be hired by Japanese firms or companies. While staying at the Hiroshima International Plaza, trainees can learn the Japanese language and culture.

※The duration and contents of the program will be planned based on your preferences. Please consult with us for more information.

Advanced-Level Japanese Language Program

International students enrolled in graduate school in Hiroshima Prefecture
Training period:
Intensive 2weeks program / 6months Program
Content of training:
Acquire advanced-level Japanese necessary to perform research activities at graduate school, such as theses writing, oral presentation, theses reading, grammar, etc.

Contact Info / How to apply

  • Please inform us on your desired contents, number of participants, duration and cost for the program. The HIC staff will make a written estimate. In order to decide the training contents and dates, we will ask about the participants’ Japanese level, what study materials they are using etc., so thank you for your cooperation in advance.
  • 【Contact Information】
    Training Section, Training Department, Hiroshima International Center
    E-mail hicc12※hiroshima-ic.or.jp (Note:Please replace ※ with half-width characters @)
    TEL.082-421-5900 / FAX.082-421-5751
  • Inquiry form on the website ➔ https://hiroshima-hip.or.jp/en/inquiry.html

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