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Information Center/Library
Information Center/Library


The Information Center/Library carries a wide range of books and information, especially regarding world cultures and societies, as well as regarding international interaction and cooperation.
Staff members at the facility offer a wide variety of advice.

  • If you live or work in Hiroshima Prefecture, you can borrow books, CDs, and DVDs.
  • Moreover, the facility keeps a wide variety of textbooks that you can use to study or teach Japanese language. Of course, textbooks for languages other than Japanese are also available.
  • Also holding collections of manga in English and foreign picture books, the facility is suitable for both children and adults.
  • Since Wi-Fi service is available at some seats, you can study using a PC or other mobile devices.

To use the Information Center/Library, you do not have to use other facilities at the HIP or stay at the HIP. Why not study in this quiet and comfortable environment surrounded by lush green? We look forward to welcoming you!

■Opening Hours

Monday – Friday (weekdays) — 10:30 – 12:30, 13:30 – 19:00
Saturday and national holidays — 10:30 – 19:00


Sunday, and year-end and New Year holidays (December 29 to January 3 of the next year)
Please note that the Information Center/Library may be temporarily closed on days other than the above.
The facility closure information is available also at our blog

How to Use This Facility

Registration to Borrow Books and Other Items

If you would like to borrow books and other items, you need to register. (Note): If you stay at the HIP, you do not have to register.

Who can register? — Individuals and groups living in, working in, or going to school in Hiroshima Prefecture

* To register, you need to show your ID card, such as an insurance card, driver’s license card, student card/handbook, or residence card. (We will make a copy of your ID card.)
* Please be sure to come to the Information Center/Library in person.
* If the person who wishes to borrow books and other items is a child not yet enrolled in elementary school, the child must be accompanied by his/her guardian.
* If there is any change in your registration information, please notify us as soon as possible.

Number of Books and Other Items You Can Borrow and Period of Loan

Individual Five items (including audiovisual resources) at a time,
for a maximum of two weeks
(* You cannot borrow “for reference only” items.)
Group No restrictions for the number of items
you can borrow and period of loan
(* You cannot borrow “for reference only” items.)
When to return: Negotiable

Reservation and Extension

  • You can reserve books and other items available for loan at the library counter or by phone.
  • Such reserved items can be held for one week.
  • If no other reservation is made during your loan period, you can extend the loan by two weeks, once only. (* This does not apply to audiovisual resources.)
  • You can apply for the extension of your loan period by phone.

How to Return Items

Please bring to the Information Center/Library during opening hours.

Support for Research

Staff members are ready to help you make research and find the books and other items that you are looking for. Please do not hesitate to contact them.

PCs with Internet access have been installed in the Information Center/Library. Please use them for your research.

Copy Service

* If you would like to copy books held by the library, a copy service is available based on Article 31 of the Copyright Law.
To refer to the conditions under which copying is permitted , please click here.
If you need a copy, please fill out an application form. A staff member of the Information Center/Library will make a copy for you.

Only monochrome copies are available; 10 yen per sheet (up to A3)

Public Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) Service

At the Information Center/Library, there are six seats where visitors can use their own PCs.
Please use one of these seats for making research, working, or studying.
A power source is available only at these seats.

To refer to information on seats with Wi-Fi service, please click here

Exhibition Section

The exhibition section introduces various aspects of Japanese culture and customs.
Explanation written in English is also available.
Please drop in at the exhibition section, which is well received by everyone!

Exhibition in January

Exhibition in January

Exhibition in February

Exhibition in February

Origami Mini Lessons

Traditional Japanese dishes for the New Year, sushi, and winter vegetables

Traditional Japanese dishes
for the New Year, sushi,
and winter vegetables

Origami mini lessons are offered by staff members as a casual opportunity for you to experience Japanese culture.
The lessons are well received by many people. While local residents commented “This makes me feel nostalgic!” or “That’s so adorable!” foreign trainees said that the exhibitions made them realize the excellence of origami, or that Japanese people have nimble fingers.





For the exhibition section and origami work collection, please click here

Requests from the Information Center/Library

Requests from the Information Center/Library

* Do not eat or smoke in the facility.

* Do not use a mobile phone in the library.

* If possible, please place your valuables in a coin locker at the entrance of the library. (Although 100 yen is required when you lock a locker, the coin is returned when you unlock it.)

■Inquiries Regarding the Information Center/Library

2nd floor, Hiroshima International Plaza, 3-3-1 Kagamiyama, Higashi-Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture, 739-0046

TEL/FAX: 082-421-5755 (direct line)

Collection/New Books and Other Items


At the library, you can read books, newspapers, magazines, etc. freely. You can also watch DVDs and listen to CDs. In addition, you can borrow items, excluding those provided for reference only.

At the library, you can read books, newspapers, magazines, etc. freely.
You can also watch DVDs and listen to CDs.
In addition, you can borrow items, excluding those provided for reference only.

Types and Details of Books

The Information Center/Library also carries English-translated versions or bilingual versions of popular Japanese manga.

The Information Center/Library also carries English-translated versions or bilingual versions of popular Japanese manga.

It must be fun to use such manga for studying a foreign language!

Types and Details of Magazines and Newspapers

For the lists of magazines and newspapers purchased this fiscal year, please click here 1 2

Foreign magazines

Foreign magazines

Foreign newspapers

Foreign newspapers

Audiovisual Resources



The Information Center/Library carries CDs in a wide variety of genres from traditional Japanese music to world folk music and pop.
If you find a DVD or a CD that you would like to watch or listen to, please bring the case to the counter.

1) CD For details, please click here

2) DVD For details, please click here.

At the AV booths, you can watch DVDs and listen to CDs.The items newly added to our collection are introduced on our blog. Please check the blog.

For books and other items newly added to our collection, please click here.

News & Event Reports


We hold a Recycled Item Fair, a very popular event where you can obtain, free of charge, foreign magazines, newspapers and other items that are beyond their designated retention periods.
Our blog is updated as needed to provide the latest information on various events, reports, items recommended by staff members. Please check our blog!

Various Types of Information Available! Please Don’t Hesitate to Contact Us!

情報提供もしてます! お気軽にご相談ください

Carrying many public relations magazines regarding international interaction and international cooperation, as well as sightseeing pamphlets for various sites in Hiroshima Prefecture (foreign-language translated versions are available), the Information Center/Library provides a wide variety of information. Please use the facility.

NGO Exchange Room


Located next to the Information Center/Library, the NGO Exchange Room is a place for NGOs and individuals to use to hold meetings for the purpose of international cooperation and interaction
Document files regarding NGOs are available in the room, and you can read them freely. In addition, there are many pamphlets that you can take home with you.

Meeting space in the NGO Exchange Room

Meeting space in the NGO Exchange Room

Document files regarding NGOs

Document files regarding NGOs

You can use the NGO Exchange Room free of charge. For use by a group, you need to make an advance reservation.
If the room is not being used by anyone else, you can use the room for other purposes, such as group study. For details, please contact the Information Center/Library.

Opening Hours: Monday – Saturday (10:30 – 19:00)
* Excluding year-end and New Year holidays

Interaction through Sports


Why not enjoy interacting with trainees staying at the HIP, while playing sports together with them at the HIP gymnasium, athletic field, or tennis court?
Even if you cannot communicate with them verbally, once you begin playing sports with them, you will surely get excited soon!

The flow from reservation to the day of the event is as follows:

You can use the HIP sports facilities not only for interaction through sports, but also other types of international interaction with trainees.

For inquiries, please contact the Information Center/Library.
TEL/FAX: 082-421-5755 (direct line)

Request for Book Donations


To provide opportunities for people to know more about Japan and foreign countries, the Information Center/Library collects picture books, language textbooks, as well as books and CDs featuring the themes of travel, geography, history, world heritage sites, cooking, etc. Due to a limited budget, however, it is difficult for us to make a fully comprehensive collection.

In this regard, we would like to ask you to donate books that you have already read and other items that you have already used.Please click here and check what books and other items we need currently.

* We are afraid that we may not be able to accept some books, depending on their condition.
In addition, please note that books that you have donated might be used for a Recycled Item Fair.

Thanks for your cooperation.

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