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【Finished】Higashihiroshima Bus Tour for non-Japanese in Higashihiroshima City, March 29th【Mar 02,2022up】


We will hold the event “Higashihiroshima Bus Tour” for non-Japanese people who live in Higashihiroshima City, and visit

the Hiroshima Chuo Eco Park (The new waste-disposal facility in Higashihiroshima You can enjoy a foot bath there!)

and the Ryuozan Sogo Park in Kurose town,

and make “Moshio” salt from seawater and seaweed on Kamikamagari island in Kure City.

About the Tour

Date: Tuesday, March 29th

Capacity: 40 no-Japanese people(A lottery may be held if there are more applicants than availability.)

Bus stop: Hiroshima International Plaza, Saijo Station, Eguma bound for Saijo Station or Daigakukaikan-mae at Hiroshima Univ.

How much?: Free!

PDF Flyer: 20220329BusTour

How to apply

Please fill out the following application form by Tuesday, March 15th.

Higashihiroshima Tour: Application Form

[Attention!] Those who participated in the corn picking on July 25th or the apple picking on October 17th may not be selected to join this tour.

Six-graders or younger need to be accompanied by a guardian over 15 years old.

Inquiry: Hiroshima International Center, UEDA Junko   tel: 082-421-5900


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