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[Closed] Bosai Tour(2023.7.8)【Jun 07,2023up】

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Let’s join the Bosai Tour for international residents in Higashihiroshima city!


About the event

What is Bosai?

BO = to prevent

SAI = disaster


When?:Saturday, July 8th 2023

Where?:We will visit the Fire Station and Fukutomi Dam.

How long?:9:15-17:15 ※Bring your own lunch.

Fee? : It’s FREE!

What are the activities?:Check the posters.

Bosai Tour PDF

How to apply

Apply via the application form.→ Application Form

Deadline: Wednesday, June 21st

20 international residents can participate in this tour.

※A lottery may be held if there are more applicants than available spots.

Contact Information

Hiroshima International Center (Ms. TANAKA)



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